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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Planning a pregnancy by calculating the fertile day

One way to speed up the pregnancy is the method of calculating the fertile day. Woman's menstrual cycle occurs every month on average is 28-30 days. But there's a women have 25 day cycle itself are delayed up to 35 days. But the average is 28-30 days. There are several phases in the menstrual cycle.

Day 1-4
This is called production phase periods (menstruation) - currently out of menstrual blood. The first day of period is important to note because it is where the phase starts. On the first day of menstruation comes, it should be marked on the calendar and ends after how many days. Ideally marked each month if you want to plan for pregnancy. You can predict your period cycle a few days in a month.

Day 5-13
This is called Follicular phase. During this phase, estrogen increases. Follicular phases of this, blood will accumulate in the wall of the uterus and to thicken in preparation for pregnancy. In the ovary, the egg that is in them will become more mature.

Day 14
This time of the spawning process is called ovulation. He will be out of the nest egg due to sharp increases a hormone called LUTEINIZING Hormone (LH). These eggs if not fertilized by a sperm will die and disappear. If it is fertilized, it will go down by their fallopian canal to the uterus.

Day 15-28
This is called the luteal phase or secretory phase. After the egg is released from the nest, a hormone called progesterone from the nest (corpus luteum). This causes the uterine wall thicker. After progesterone decreases because fertilization does not occur, then this wall will collapse as the collapse of the Berlin wall. Recycling process will have on day

Once you understand the menstrual cycle above, the best time to be with her ​​husband on the day of ovulation is occurring. This is because when the eggs had just come out of the nest.

When exactly did it happen? Actually it was about 14 days from the first day of the next period or during the luteal phase begins.

Suppose her period 28 days, the fertile days is 28 days - 14 days = 14 days. So, today is the day the 14th hole. Suppose that 30-day period that month, then 30 days - 14 days = days to 16 is no longer fertile days to 14 days. If period 35 days then 35-14 = 21 is the time of day to flourish.

This is because the luteal phase of the calculation is usually accurate 14 days after the occurrence of ovulation, whereas
follicular phase can  change. So fertile time is 14 days before the first day of the next period. If your period is still 28 days, no problem to calculate your fertile period. If your period is variable, these issues arose calculate fertile period.

As the egg or ovum does not have a long life expectancy, which is within 1-2 days, then the window to get the issue is very limited. Thus God created the sperm with the advantage of others.

Apart from the millions of sperm released (each a man is a millionaire!), It also can last for 3-5 days. This means that, if the husband and wife together three days before the fertile time, or two days after the fertile period, then there is a chance to meet up with the egg sperm live longer.

Therefore, to get the issue, the couple can be together every night (or during the day except during Ramadan) on day 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 an optimal time period to obtain fertility days if your period comes 28 days. It is estimated that fertile time is on the 14th.

You can try every month for several months if not successful. This is to ensure that the fertile period is appropriate to the time with you.


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